Sep 15, 2011

it has been a while....

Since my last entry, so much has changed that I need to totally update my blog.  So for the mean time, hang in there and I'll get a new one up that will cover....well I guess a whole lot!!

Jan 13, 2011

is it really true? Spring Training right around the corner?

The CAVS are a non-story until the draft.  Browns did a minus then a plus on Head Coaches. That leaves my beloved Tribe next!  And next means "Spring Training" coming soon in AZ. (WOW, after last few days, still hard to handle AZ in news! But I digress.)

We all are now waiting for good reason for Spring Training (ST) to start for a variety of reasons.  1) Winter and snow will begone soon, unfortunately for the City of Milwaukee! 2) Teams highlights during ST will include Sun; Blue Skies; Green Grass-things we DO NOT See in NE Ohio except for the week of July 12th to July 19th.  3) Players will not have to wear gloves to make catches...DUHHHH! Yes they do, my bad! 4) Players throwing the balls will not have to worry about throwing to wrong player (FINALLY!!!) 5) Will not lose a game by 55! (If they can have my season tickets; my Tribe gear; and my faith!)  6) We won't have to wait a week between each loss (just 18-24 hrs!!) 7) Will not have to worry about the head guy getting fired and getting paid while not working.  Unemployment insurance pays more than what he is being paid now anyway, just like the players. 8) Won't have to worry about traffic and road construction, since there was no game traffic last year and what gives you the impression there will be some this year? 9) More new uni's, not like those old stale no changing ones worn between Sept and December (notice I did not say January, since they never get to January!) and 10) No need to worry about the cold one's being stopped before the game does-at those costs who can afford one, two, bad - I can!

Anyway, you get my drift.  Everything can change during Feb/Mar, leading to Apr to Oct. But will it?  Don't know and that is what keeps dragging my sorry butt into my season seats!  The factor of the "Unknown"!  Spring Training really means, get ready..Summer is coming soon! The nights will be just fine to watch the view of a small white sphere against the deep dark color of the sky.  The grass will look like mine will never look. And there will be many available times I can enjoy all of this with my Bride; my kids; my grandkids; or just by myself and my dreams. 

I'm ready...let me hear it soon...PLAY BALL!!